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BuildMapper Blog

A Growth Mindset and the Construction Industry Sales Process


The Power of a Growth Mindset

In the construction industry, the difference between a contractor with a thriving business and one that struggles to grow often comes down to mindset. The most successful contractors work "on" their business rather than "in" it. This shift in focus is crucial. It means dedicating time and energy to business development rather than solely to hands-on work.

A growth mindset involves believing that your time is more valuable spent on strategic planning and management rather than on the production side. It requires a mental shift and a willingness to invest time and money in the short term to achieve long-term growth. Setting a clear vision for where you want your company to be in five to ten years is essential. This vision will guide your decision-making, ensuring every action contributes to your long-term goals.


Trust and Team Building

A significant part of adopting a growth mindset is trusting your team. Freeing up your time involves ensuring that your crew can handle the work without your constant oversight. This requires proper employee training protocols, clear role assignments, and setting expectations for daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Paying your team well is also crucial to demanding more from them and ensuring their loyalty and productivity.

Establishing simple processes and guidelines helps keep everyone accountable. Discipline is needed to turn down jobs that do not meet your profitability goals. Many contractors make the mistake of lowering their prices to secure less profitable jobs because they lack other opportunities. Sticking to your guidelines and maintaining discipline is key to building a successful business.


Overcoming Common Excuses

Many business owners make excuses for their lack of growth. Claims such as "You don't understand my industry," "Builders in my town are cheap," or "My competitors keep undercharging" are common. These excuses stem from not having a clear vision, strategy, or belief in the possibility of success. A growth mindset helps you overcome these mental blocks and focus on what is within your control.


The Importance of a Sales Process

A robust sales process is the backbone of any successful construction business. Relying solely on referrals is risky, especially during economic slowdowns. A well-defined sales process includes branding, inbound marketing, and outbound sales. Outbound sales, in particular, are the most direct and effective way to build your business in the new construction market.


Steps of a Successful Sales Process

  1. Prospecting: Finding leads is the first step. This involves identifying potential clients who may need your services.
  2. Making Contact: Reaching out to these leads and establishing a connection.
  3. Qualifying Prospects: Determining whether the lead is a good fit for your services.
  4. Nurturing Leads: Building relationships with potential clients through regular follow-ups.
  5. Presenting Your Offer: Clearly communicating the value of your services and how they meet the client's needs.
  6. Overcoming Objections: Addressing any concerns or hesitations the client may have.
  7. Closing the Sale: Finalizing the agreement and securing the contract.

Tracking the results of each step and making improvements is crucial for ongoing success.


Build a Winning Sales Process with BuildMapper


Ready to Grow?

Adopting a growth mindset and implementing a structured sales process are key to growing your construction business. By focusing on strategic planning, trusting your team, and following a disciplined sales approach, you can achieve long-term success and take your business to new heights.

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