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5 Apps To Help Your Construction Business


Growing and maintaining your construction business is no easy task. That’s why having the right apps to help you manage your day-to-day operations is vital to your success. There are a number of apps that were created specifically for contractors and subcontractors to help you generate leads, stay organized, manage projects, make fast calculations, and more. When it comes to the best apps to help your construction business, here are our favorites:


BuildMapper is your one-stop shop for lead generation. Regardless of whether you’re a painter, builder, roofer, or landscaper, BuildMapper has information that will help you get the construction project and builder leads you’ve been looking for. The app offers a map application, where you can see project details, which stage each residential job site is in, where it is located, and easily communicate with the builders or homeowners to land your next project. Compatible with both Android and iPhone, this app is extremely user-friendly and offers an abundance of other useful options to help your construction business thrive. 


Pipedrive is an Android and iPhone app that allows you to manage potential clients while creating deals and generating sales. With this app, you can customize your pipeline and keep track of your sales process. Use Pipedrive to schedule sales activity and remind you when it is time to meet with clients and warm your leads. Pipedrive acts like a coach and tracks your progress as you reach your sales goals by calculating conversion rates. This helps you focus objectively on how many leads you need to land a sale and meet your target. Simply set up the stages of your pipeline, view the status of your leads, and watch the progress of your sales all in one app.


With mobile and web-based construction management software, Fieldwire allows you to easily connect with teams onsite and offsite. This app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It provides an overview of each project as a whole, while giving smaller teams the tools and direction needed to complete day-to-day tasks. With the ability to chat in real-time, drop a pin to share locations, and rapidly distribute information, Fieldwire is excellent for construction management.


CompanyCam is a brilliant app to showcase the progress of a job site through detailed images. With this app, you can snap a photo and provide further information through drawings, text, shapes, timestamps, and adjustments. You can also crop and rotate photos to suit your needs. With a built-in photo feed, CompanyCam allows you and everyone in your company to share your progress immediately and to chat about it through each project’s conversation thread. Tag team members in photographs and add notes to ensure they are prepared when they arrive onsite. This app is great for bouncing ideas off your team members, visualizing your progress, and having transparency with your contractors and subcontractors. This app is compatible with both Android and iPhone.


With QuickBooks Time, employees can clock in or out with just one click. This makes it easy to keep track of employee hours, create a schedule by jobs, and share data with the team. It is a great software to keep your team on the same page with a geo-location tracking function. You can also connect with QuickBooks accounting software to handle payroll, invoicing, and gain valuable insight with real-time reports.


Apps are a sure-fire way to keep your construction business successful. They provide innovative solutions to improve productivity and focus in the workplace. Although there are many construction-related apps available, the above are our favorites. With the right apps, you can generate leads, manage your projects, and organize your team members before you even step onto the job site.

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